Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bonnaroo Blog-a-roo

Hey Kids! It’s that time of year again. The days get longer, the cicadas swarm non-stop, and the annual Bonnaroo Music Festival comes to Tennessee. Four days of music, comedy, raves, art, camping, some more music, and chilling with new cool people. Nearly 80,000 converge in the Nashville/Chattanooga suburb of Manchester, TN, and for those who haven’t been there yet, well, I’m gonna teach you how to survive it all.

Ok, Bonnaroo is nothing to be afraid of, but to have the best time possible it takes some due diligence. Expect to sit in traffic for several hours before you get to walk several miles each day in possibly 100-degree weather with minimal bathing facilities. Yes, all those rumors are true. But don’t worry, it’s all fun from there.

Most of my friends take off for the summer, so the past two years I did the ‘Roo alone. Solorooed it! And I gotta say, for someone who isn’t the most outgoing person, the experience was so much better for it. Consider Bonnaroo a “social boot camp”. The people you meet at your tent will become your best buddies for the weekend, and you get to meet plenty of interesting folks at the many activities, art exhibits, stages, food tents, or passing around a proverbial HIMYM-style sandwich.

he's not giggling cause of the lettuce...

If there’s one way to describe Bonnaroo it’s this: An Experience. Simply put. There is so much going on it will seem overwhelming. Chances are in the four days you will not even get to see everything you want. But you will also get to see a ton of new things you never thought you’d stumble upon. And it will be AWESOME!!!

To be honest, I don’t even care for any of the bands playing this year. But I’m going just for ‘The Experience’. Relax for a weekend, meet new people, see some crazy things, and maybe discover a brand new favorite band.

So stay tuned. My next few posts will walk you through everything you need to know about preparing for, getting to, checking out, and surviving the greatest festival this side of the bible belt!

And if you got questions, ask away. I’ll throw a FAQ together if I get anything good!

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