Sunday, February 13, 2011

Missing out

So I notice that I miss out on 90% of things in life solely because I don't have anyone to do them with... And 90% of those things either require, or wouldn't be any good without, at least one other person...

Not Realistic  :(

Sports... good example. Can't play 'em alone. And it's no fun to go to an event by yourself.

Restaurants... You're gonna eat at some point during the day anyway, so why not making an event out of it... been living in this city for three years and still haven't checked out restaurants a block away from me, just because I had no one to go with. I mean I could grab food alone, but you pay the premo $$$ for the experience... Not worth buying a $50 steak if I'm gonna eat it alone... I'll be done in ten minutes and be bored during that time. Plus, the waiters always look at you funny...

I used to hate that the most when I was a consultant on the road all the time...

I'd have to assume there are circles where you'll always have someone to do something with... TV doesn't lie that much. But are these harder to find that they should be? Or do I have a bad habit of only friending the extremely lazy or busy? Or do I just have unrealistic expectations of the activity level of the American young adult?


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