Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I wanna...

Starting a new thread on Twitter using the tag #iwanna. Use this tag to gripe about things that we want that we just can't have. And i'm talking things that we are all supposed to have, not like "#Iwanna million bucks, a yacht, and two asian hookers." Win the lotto first for that. These are things any adult can and should have if they want them in our every day lives, but may not be able to because of work, friends, family, apartment rules, etc.

For example:

#Iwanna live each day like I’m on vacation, even when I’m home and working. Cuz you always do crazy shit on vacation and it's all ok...

#Iwanna get a dog. They’re momentum builders. Gotta walk ‘em and play with em. Which means I actually need to put pants on that day. And they’re good for picking up chicks.

#Iwanna organize a weekly poker game with friends. Cause rituals keep us focused and healthy. And I like poker.

Catch what I'm saying? Post them to @TNOReality on Twitter using the #iwanna tag. Make sure you say why you 'wanna'. I'll post the best ones in a follow-up post.


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