Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Facebook Birthdays

I used to never bother with facebook birthday greetings. Just because there were too many to keep up with. but back in school, you pretty much have to, you see these people every day. now that i'm out, i remember why i didn't do it in the first place.

1- if its a good friend, i probably said happy birthday to them in person
1a - or at least through facebook chat...
2-there are too many of them. it looks like spam if you send a whole bunch in a row... if not spam, then just meaningless
3-if you leave anyone out, its insulting. they can see that you said it to others. yay fb privacy!
4- this includes days where you just don't check facebook. how dare you. or is it those people just don't deserve birthdays...

So I just don't do it anymore. Sorry. But i'll say it right to you. This includes everyone who i never talk to normally but is on my buddy list anyway so i see their birthdays... ;)

And don't forget, you can hack into a lot of fun things with your friends' birthdays... wanna see how much is in their bank account? but that will be for another post....


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